Thursday, May 17, 2012


Chapter 8: RainClouds

"Mama, what are we going to do today?" asked Cassandra of her mother. "Hmm… What would you like to do today?" asked Elizabeth in response. "Can we go to the park?" questioned the little girl with bright eyes who already knew how to use them to her advantage. Those brilliant blue eyes framed by long lashes could captivate even the grumpiest of grownups. Elizabeth had already seen the looming clouds sliding through the gray sky and knew that today wouldn't be a park day. "I don't think that's going to work today Princess Bucko (the nickname Elizabeth and Bob had given their daughter a few years ago because she was a little bit of Princess and a whole lot of Bucko J) It's going to rain- see those clouds up in the sky?" her daughter nodded and she continued " Those clouds are full of rain- It's not going to be a good day for the park, let's think about what we can do inside instead." As if on cue Elizabeth saw tiny drops starting down from the sky. "LOOK, see it's already starting!" She pointed out the window for the eager faces to see the beginnings of what seemed to be an icky day. Elizabeth had seen her fair share of rain and then some. She was beyond ready for sunshine but it appeared she would have to wait a little longer for the warmth of the golden sun.
"How about we play with play dough, listen to PandaMania (the kid cd from vacation bible school that had become a favorite with her children) and bake cookies?" "YES!" three little voices chimed in response. "Okay, let me make sure Samantha is up so she isn't late for work and then we will get started." Elizabeth popped in the CD so the kids could listen to it while she went to check on Samantha. The tribal rhythms coming from the speakers were met with giggles and squeals. Elizabeth knew that even though it was gloomy outside there would be lots of smiles today, which was good because sometimes the gray dullness of the day could turn smiles upside down in a hurry. She would do her best to keep things on the upswing because she wanted no part of playing referee today.
As she made her way downstairs she hoped that waking up Samantha wouldn't take a turn for the worse. Words were often misconstrued, arguments often erupted at the drop of a hat and she hoped today wouldn't be one of Those days. Elizabeth knocked on the door but heard no response. She knocked again and this time slowly opened the door. Samantha was buried under her covers, hardly noticeable except for some dark strands of hair that found their way out from under the blankets. "Samantha, you need to get up for work." No Response again. This time Elizabeth said it a little louder "Samantha, You need to get up for work, you can't be late." "MmmnHmmn" Samantha muttered in response. "I mean it, Samantha it's almost time for you to leave." "OKAY ! I Heard You." Samantha snapped. Elizabeth knew it was time for her to go before this escalated. Samantha was not a morning person, never had been and if she continued pushing Samantha would become really irritated and it would ruin both of their days. Often she would push the envelope and respond to Samantha about disrespect and such, but today wouldn't be that day. Today her little ones were happily singing upstairs and she wanted to keep the happiness going. "Sorry, just wanted to make sure you were up for work is all." Elizabeth said quietly as she shut the door.
Elizabeth went back upstairs and sat on the couch for a bit watching the little ones dance around before getting out the cookie cutters and play dough. They were so cute dancing around in their princess gowns/ dress up clothes while singing to the music. They could take the rainclouds in her mind away easily. If she dwelled on thinking about what had almost transpired between her and her eldest it would really get her down but thanks to the joy on the little ones' faces she would be saved from her own thoughts for a while longer. Elizabeth had always been super-sensitive and overly-emotional, ever since she was a child. She had tendencies of making more out of things than what should be made of them. She also was a dweller. She was not a forgiver- and forgetter like some people. She was a grudge holder and had been since she was small.
Elizabeth would never forget when her mother was having complications after her littlest sister was born and had to stay in the hospital a few days. Her Uncle had stayed with her and her siblings while her dad was at the hospital with her mom. Elizabeth had never really been left before, and definitely not with her bachelor Uncle who had no children of his own. Elizabeth missed her mother desperately and tried to call her at the hospital, even though she had been told not to call and bother her mom. Because of her direct disobedience and regardless of the fact that she was only calling because she was having a difficult time without her mother, her Uncle had spanked her with a green hairbrush. He hadn't beat her, or abused her, just spanked her to make sure she understood that disobedience was a sin and punishable even if intentions were good. She had never forgotten that day and never would even though she had since forgiven her Uncle, it had clouded her thoughts for years.
She heard steps coming up the stairs and knew Samantha was leaving for work. Elizabeth went to the top of the stairs to say goodbye but Samantha spoke first. "Sorry mom for snapping, you know I am tired in the mornings, sorry." "It's okay… Have a good day at work and I'll see you when you get home." Elizabeth replied. "Thanks, See you." Samantha said as she closed the front door behind her. Ahh… It didn't turn bad after all. Elizabeth was thankful that today things would be good between her and her daughter thanks to her daughter's apology. Those were hard to come by and she appreciated the fact that Samantha had spoken to her and apologized rather than just leaving quietly for work. Elizabeth sighed a breath of relief and turned back to work on making play dough cookies with the little ones before making real ones with them. She smiled as she knew that the rainclouds in her mind were diverted and soon the kitchen would be warm from the stove and the rich smells of the chocolate chip cookies she would be baking.
It was going to be a sunny day for Elizabeth after all. J


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  1. Another great chapter. It is tough being the thermometer for the family, but it sure paid off here. Good job!