Sunday, December 4, 2011

Washed Away with Grace Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Early Morning Tendencies

Heavy Footsteps announced the arrival of the cutest little towhead you ever did see. The glass sliding door opened and a man carrying a bundle of coat, hat, and boy came into the house. It was still the wee hours of the morning, so hushed voices exchanged. The boy, a two & a half year old named Dillon snuggled into his father's shoulder, his bright blue eyes peeking out from underneath the knit monkey hat he wore on his head to keep the cold away. Those blue eyes sparkling like the sun shining on the ocean with a little smile playing on lips for he was playing his little game. Lately, when he arrived for daycare in the morning, he would either pretend he was sleeping or shy to evoke a reaction from Elizabeth and today was no exception.
"Are you a sleepyhead today buddy?" Elizabeth asked him as he pretended to sleep against his daddy's shoulder. Dustyn, his dad, and Elizabeth exchanged smirks and glances as Dillon snuggled even deeper into his dad's shoulder. "Would you like to watch a movie and snuggie with your blankie?" Libby asked him (Libby was her daycare name, it was easier for the littles to pronounce Libby than Elizabeth) "Mmh Hhm, where IS my blankie?" questioned Dillon as Elizabeth took the boy from his daddy. "We will find it in a moment, give your daddy high five, he has to get going to work." Dillon gave his dad high five, Dustyn headed to work and Elizabeth undid Dillon's coat and hat and laid him down on the couch. She pulled his soft sage green velour blanket from the hutch and covered him up with it. "What would you like to watch this morning?" Libby asked Dillon to which he responded his almost daily response "The Polar Express!" "Are you sure you don't want to watch something else thing morning?" not that Elizabeth minded, she never tired of Polar Express; it had become one of her favorite children's Christmas movies. "No, I want Polar Express." Dillon vehemently pronounced. "All right, Polar Express it is."

Elizabeth stuck in the movie and made sure the volume was down loud enough to hear, but low enough not to wake the others sleeping just down the hall. Dillon always arrived early usually not later than 6am, so often Elizabeth's children were still asleep when he came so a movie in the wee hours of the morning was a good choice to getting out toys and waking everyone up too early. Too Early meant Too GRUMPY! She sat down on the couch next to him and watched the introduction to the movie when she heard a door creak and tiny muffled footsteps. "Ah, I had a feeling a certain someone would wake up." Elizabeth said quietly. Around the corner came her sleepy eyed, tousle headed 3 yr old. "Is Dillon here? I got up to play with him. OH, there he is, Hi Dillon!" Exclaimed the little girl named Christiana. "Hi Ana" said Dillon as he quickly climbed off the couch. They tiptoed as quietly as elephants down to Christiana's room to play together.
As Elizabeth switched off the movie she couldn't help the smile that came to her lips. There were days that it would have been a scowl to be sure, but today was different. It wouldn't be long before the others were awake and ready to start their days, but Elizabeth took a few moments to think on how much of a blessing that Dillon was even able to come and play. The flood had taken and changed so much so being able to continue watching him was really something to be thankful for. She knew it was longer for Dillon's parents to bring him, yet they still did. Her children loved their "part-time brother" and Dillon really enjoyed playing with them as well. Not to mention a little income brought into the household was a huge deal when she went from having a full daycare to only one child every other week. Every little bit really did help!
The giggles from the other room brought her to her feet. Elizabeth went to shush them to try and keep the other children asleep a little longer but when she looked into the room she couldn't stifle her laughter. They had decided to play dress up, Christiana already had a princess dress on from the dress up trunk on and was in the process of helping Dillon change as well. Dillon was partially wearing a princess dress with one of the arm holes stuck on his head. As Elizabeth took the dress off of Dillon and got him a more suitable outfit she said chuckled "Sorry girlie, I think Dillon's mom and dad would prefer him wearing the armor." "Today is going to be an interesting day" Elizabeth thought to herself as she turned to see her other two watching the goings on through the doorway. She wondered to herself, what was behind door number two this morning. She was sure whatever happened next would be revealed soon enough J


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